Torre Sabina
Torre Sabina

Welcome to the Cape Verde island of Maio

Cabo Verde - only three flight hours away from Lisbon - a dream spun of music and poetry...far away from the hurly-burly of mass tourism...unspoilt nature with the Atlantic Ocean as protagonist ...


The island of Maio offers authentic island life, fascinating fauna and flora, magnificent beaches, traditional crafts, arts and culture...


The local inhabitants of the Cape Verde Islands are full of genuine friendliness that works like balm on frosty Northern souls. One friendly smile and the whole archipelago will adore you...



Torre Sabina

The grounds of Torre Sabina are situated in a protected bay. The endless sandy beaches begin right in front of the tower...

Holiday Apartment in a tower

Enjoy your holidays in this romantic castle tower! This very special place is ideal for couples and honeymooners...

Torre Sabina Maio Cape Verde
Maio Island
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